Grant consulting requires constant surveillance of opportunities, deadlines, resources, events and ideas. The following are a few stable resources that provide access to current information and events relevant to researchers. 

Funding Deadlines

Most funding agencies have a listing of funding-related events and funding calls available at their sites. However, it can be overwhelming for grant writers and consultants to monitor them all. Research offices at major universities create calendars for their communities that list relevant funding deadlines across agencies, and many of these calendars are available on the Internet. For example, Western University's Research Office has a listing of funding opportunity by funding organization; McGill University's Funding page lists (down the left panel) links organized by funding source (federal, provincial, international, industrial sponsorship, etc.); and the University of British Columbia has a listing by deadlines for funding applications.

Information Society Newsroom

Grant consultants, researchers and writers should make themselves familiar with this site if interested in EU funding: the European Union's Information Society Thematic Portal, contains guidelines, event listings, funding opportunities, press releases, latest news and forthcoming events relevant to research funding available in the European Union. It is rather dense with information and can be confusing to navigate, but worth getting to know.

Health Informatics Blog

This is an ideas blog that Crystal Sharp uses for occasional musings about health informatics.  Today, technology plays a huge part in collecting, monitoring, storing, analyzing, presenting and delivering information. However, technology's impact on health or perceptions of health are greatly determined by the appropriate use of that technology. This occasional blog introduces and sometimes presents an opinion on new technologies, applications, and policies that can affect health outcomes. 

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